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Hello bloggers and blog readers. So I recently  bought some really cute heals. The only problem is that, even though they were my size, they still felt a little tight at the toes. And even though wearing your shoes would automatically stretch them out, I didn’t want to go through the suffering process to get them to that perfect fit. So I did a little research and learned that all I had to do was freeze my shoes.. Yes I didn’t have to go out and buy and special sprays or anything. So this is what I did:

1) I filled a zip-lock bag with water and double bagged it, just in case the first bag leaked.

2) I made sure there was no air in the bags

3) I pushed the zip-lock bags in the front of my shoes to stretch out area where my toes go.

4) After putting the water filled zip-lock bags in both heels, I wrapped both heels in plastic bags and put it in the freezer.

It would take a couple of hours for it to freeze, but I pretty much waited til the next day.

After freezing my shoes, I took them out of the freezer and let the ice defrost a little  so I could pull the zip-lock bags out of my shoes.

Now my new favorite sexy heels fit perfectly and I love them!

Here are a couple of pics

You can see the frost on them!