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So a year or two ago, I decided to make my cousin a dress for her birthday gift. I wanted to make something that wasn’t difficult to make and easy to wear. I also wanted to choose a color that would compliment her chocolate skin complexion. So I decided to make her an orange maxi dress. After I made it, I had to admit, I felt it was kinda of boring. I didn’t think my cousin would like it. Fast forward a couple of years. I’m at a family reunion and there she was wearing this boring dress that I made, that I was absolutely positive that she didn’t like. She had accessorized it. And it looked beautiful. Before I could even get to her, family members were lining up to her to compliment her dress. And being able to stand back a bit and watch this phenomenon, I started to feel that warm feeling of finally being proud of my work. Here is the L.O.D, the Little Orange Dress.L.O.D20130720_234727